Trendsetter 12 Housing Bundle

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999.95 non-member price with selected options

 Are you looking for a Trendsetter system with all the extras?  

This Trendsetter 12 Housing Bundle includes:

  • Trendsetter 12-unit house; choose starling-resistant crescent or round entrances.  Wing entrapment protectors included with crescent entrances.  
  • 2" square aluminum pole and ground stake
  • winch and cable system
  • set of 12 Trendsetter Nest Trays
  • Trendsetter Corner Perches
  • UST or DUST trap based on entrance choice
  • Quick Release Pole Guard

 Product instructions:

Trendsetter System

Trendsetter System with 3" Pole

Trendsetter Ground Stake

Trendsetter Corner Perches

Universal Sparrow Trap

Deluxe Universal Sparrow Trap

Quick Release Pole Guard

Nest Trays

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