What We Do

Purple Martin populations are undergoing long-term declines in many parts of North America.  As a non-profit organization the PMCA works to increase Purple Martin populations through education, research, partnerships, and developing quality martin products. 


PMCA provides expert information and advice to thousands of aspiring Purple Martin landlords each year through our website, social sites, and our quarterly membership publication titled “Purple Martin Update—A Quarterly Journal.”  We supply educational material, which covers every aspect of Purple Martin stewardship, to events and meetings all over North America.  Join the PMCA today!


The PMCA conducts data collection through citizen-science projects including: Project MartinWatch, Scout-Arrival Study, Colony Registration, and monitoring end of season martin roosts through Project MartinRoost.  We also conduct migration studies using geolocators and GPS tracking devices and much more.

Partnerships and Support

We foster partnerships with conservation agencies, state parks, nature centers, schools, Audubon chapters, and landlord associations to help further the conservation of Purple Martins.

Product Development and Sales

Our 25+ years of experience has allowed us to develop and test quality products that we then distribute to caring Purple Martin enthusiasts through our Martin Market Place – the largest online store of quality martin products.  We welcome product ideas to help landlords to be successful in their efforts to attract, keep, and manage Purple Martins.