Student/Teacher Section

Welcome to the wonderful world of Purple Martins! 

We are delighted that you are interested in sharing Purple Martin education with your students. Purple Martins are remarkable birds that provide countless educational benefits.   

The means in which Purple Martins are dependent on human assistance to continue their existence brings opportunity for environmental stewardship and provides an avenue for scientific exploration and investigation. Colonies of active and noisy martins link us to a sense of place in our own backyard environments, while their amazing long distance migrations connect us to far off countries. 

The PMCA has developed many tools to assist educators in becoming directly involved in martin conservation and education. Classroom teachers, scout leaders, environmental educators, home-school parents, and more are encouraged to use our lesson plans, student activity sheets, and fact sheets to help motivate excitement for learning and inspire martin exploration in your classroom!   

A Letter to the Educator


Purple Martin Fact Sheets

Purple Martin Identification

Legend and History

Swallow Family Tree






Martin-ology Activity Sheets

How Birds Fly – Word Puzzle

What Martins Eat – Word Search

Good/Bad Things About Site – Picture Comparison

Amazing Journeys – Maze


Purple Martin Curricula In Development

Available Soon!