Here’s Where Your Donations Go:

  • -Research, including state of the art migration studies using geolocator and GPS tracking devices
  • -Data collection through: Project MartinWatch, Scout-Arrival Study, citizen science projects, and monitoring end of the season martin roosts through Project MartinRoost
  • -Partnerships with conservation and state agencies, nature centers, Audubon chapters, and landlord associations.
  • -The most comprehensive website exclusively featuring Purple Martins that is packed with free resources for educators, landlords, and researchers.
  • -Website tools that allow you to monitor Purple Martin migration
  • -A citizen science portion of the website that allows you to participate in our citizen science programs.
  • -The creation of new educational programs and materials to be used in schools, parks and other public places.
  • -Expert information and advice to thousands of aspiring Purple Martin landlords every year
  • -Free information supplied to events and meetings all over North America

With your support, the PMCA will continue to provide educational tools, conduct scientific research projects, and build the largest martin community to help ensure the future of Purple Martins for generations.