Tom Ridge Environmental Center and Presque Isle State Park

The Tom Ridge Environmental Center (TREC) is an educational center that is devoted to teaching visitors about the wonders and beauty of Presque Isle.  TREC offers wonderful education opportunities with interactive exhibits and is open year-round and offers free admission.   Besides being the gateway to Presque Isle, TREC is home to other organizations such as the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, PA Department of Environmental Protection, PA Sea Grant, Presque Isle Partnership, Environment Erie, and Presque Isle Audubon.   To learn more about TREC please visit

Presque Isle is a sandy peninsula that stretches into Lake Erie and covers over 3200 acres.   Designated a National Natural Landmark in 1967 Presque Isle offers many recreational activities including swimming, biking, hiking, boating, and bird watching.  The park features many unique habitats and a diverse number of species, including several rare and threatened species.  To learn more about Presque State Park please visit