• PMCA Excluder Gourd
  • PMCA Excluder Gourd

PMCA Excluder Gourd

Porches Included!

Price: $28.95
Member Price: $27.50

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28.95 non-member price with selected options


This seamless one-piece opaque, UV protected gourd has more density than other gourds which helps with light and temperature.

Features include:

  • Heavy duty interior and exterior 4" x 3" grooved porches for best traction and easy entrance/exit for your martins.*  Mounting hardware is included.
  • The PMCA Excluder gourd is available in the traditional round entrance, as well as three starling resistant openings including Crescent, Modified Excluder, and the Excluder II.  PMCA strongly recommends NOT using round entrances as starlings can easily enter through this entrance.
  • Comes with predrilled 5/16" hanging holes. This allows for gourds to be hung with wire or drilled out to 3/8" and hung on metal arms.
  • Designed for owl guards (sold separately) to be attached 
  • Size is 10-1/2".  Weight is approximately 32 ounces.
  • Screw-on access cap enables nest checks, nest replacements, and end of season clean out.
  • Fill line on gourd aids in adding nesting materials.
  • Made in the USA

*Comes with inside and outside porches, no need to purchase separately.  Porches assist martins in entering starling-resistant entrance holes, as well as offer a convenient perch.  Install the porch no more than 1/8" under the bottom of the entrance.

 Click here to see porch installation instructions.

When purchasing a gourd rack, select VERTICAL gourd hanging arms.

If you would like to purchase a larger quantity, please call our office for special pricing. 

The PMCA receives a royalty from the sale of each Excluder gourd to help support reseach and education!


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