Gourd Rack Starter Bundle -Excluder® Gourds

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We created this all-in-one Starter Bundle to supply everything you need in an easy-to-order package!

All you need to add are Purple Martins!

This high-quality Gourd Rack Starter Kit is PMCA approved for both beginner landlords trying for their first pair of Purple Martins and established landlords looking to expand their sites.

Bundle includes:

  • a well-crafted 6-unit Deluxe Gourd Rack
  • Comes with 2" square pole - 14' tall (optional 3" pole)
  • Includes rope and pulley system for easy lowering of your housing (optional winch & cable)
  • ground stake
  • top perch
  • hub and gourd arms
  • 6-pack of gourds
  • Predator Guard (GuardC)
  • Decoy (DECOY)
  • Dawnsong CD (DSCD)
  • Purple Martin Lifecycle poster and educational booket

Some assembly required. This product will ship in several boxes from multiple locations and items may not arrive on the same day.


Comes with your choice of Gourds and entrances. 



 Product Instructions

Gourd Rack with Winch Add-on

Deluxe Gourd Rack with 3" Pole

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