PMCA Educational Toolkit

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As the international leader in Purple Martin education we have compiled our best tools to share in your classroom, at your next public talk or with your friends. Our exclusive kit provides step-by-step booklets about Purple Martins from identification to attraction to management.

One PMCA Educational Toolkit includes:

  • 20 free 3-month trial PMCA membership vouchers - including one issue of the Update magazine and a discount at our Martin Market Place® store!
  • 20 PMCA exclusive full color education booklets
  • 1 full color PMCA Annual Life Cycle Purple Martin Poster
  • 5 Martin Market Place® catalogs (contain educational tips and guides)

The PMCA exclusive educational toolkit is free but we ask for a shipping donation. Shipping is $5.85 for one packet and $7.80 for 2-5 packets.

Call us at 814-833-7656 to request more than five free toolkits. Any shipments to Canada - call us so we can determine shipping and assist you with your order.

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