Indiana late evening action

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Location: Plymouth, IN
Martin Colony History: 2020 first arrived 3/27. 21 pair, 92 fledged, 9 non viable.

2019 first time with Martin's, first arrived 4/24 10 pair, 24 fledged, 15 eggs non-viable.

We are located in northern Indiana, near Plymouth, and every evening now for a couple weeks starting at about 8:30 ish the Martins start returning home. Slowly their numbers grow as they swarm around. They'll land and take off flying in large circles and then eventually start landing for the night a little after 9:00 p.m. . As a second year landlords we are absolutely amazed by this show, and consider ourselves extremely lucky. Last year we had 10 pair and 24 fledglings. This year we had 21 pair and 93 fledglings. I uploaded this on YouTube and hope that some of you find it as thrilling to watch as us.
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