Bo gourds with round and crescent entrances.

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What is best practices for this design?
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I have gone all crescent entrances on my Big Bo gourds and my Bo 11 gourds. I once put a mixture of round and crescent and as I observed, the Martins didn't really care. They bounced in and out of both of them. I have witnessed a passing by Starling stop on the gourds, try to get in. He had no chance with the crescent so he just moved on. By this time I have gone all Crescent and I haven't seen a Starling since.

The Martins will work it out with the crescents and within a week or so they hit them almost on the fly. Visit my thread on the "abandoned house" on page two there is a photo of my gourd rack. You can see what they look like with the crescents.

Good luck to you.

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