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We arrived home from Florida last night, this morning there were 6 tree swallows flying about and a pair of martins sitting on our Trio house. We immediately went out to clean out house (9 nests), set our house sparrow door trap on separate wooden house and opened our bluebird/tree swallow boxes. Within 10 minutes we had our first capture of HS. A pesky starling was also checking out house so we just left all but 2 openings uncovered. The martins were a nice welcome home to Ontario.

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Martin Colony History: Start 2009 with one pair. Upgraded from S&K houses to two Trendsetter 12's with gourds beneath in 2013. I have experienced job, pet, and parental losses since '13. The Purple Martins lift my spirits and remind me how life continues forward by flying their little selves from Brazil back to my yard. As one forum person once told me, chin up DebA, look at the martins. Danger all around but yet they soar in the sky without a care in the world.

Beat ya home from Florida. Nice!

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2 pairs of martins huddled in the house while it snowed for 5 minutes, temp will be below freezing tonight. Put dish of dried mealworms on deck of house, hope they figure out that it's food for survival.
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They will,martins catch on fast ! Your a good landlord....Berndog :wink:
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