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It occurred to me that a migration video would be feasible if the scouting report data included zip code. There is a zip-code/Lat-Lon file on the Internet. Make one JPG file for each day with each JPG showing the cumulative locations of the arrivals up to the last day superimposed on a map of the USA. Then combine all the JPG's into a video one frame at a time.

If I had the report data with zip code I could merge the files to get date with Lat/Lon. Then have to make a JPG for each day. And that's the problem. How to automate that so one click of the mouse would generate all the JPG files?

Any ideas on that latter problem?

I think this would make a good visual presentation on the progress of the migrations that could be compared year to year.

Hey, could some one reconstruct the maps being made with day-date in the file name? I have a program that can combine them into a video.

Don Troha
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For animating migration maps of Purple Martins (and any other bird species) I like to use eBird data with GoogleEarth. Here's why: Observation data from eBird is downloadable in spreadsheet friendly format and it includes lat/long/date for every report. GoogleEarth has a built-in animation feature (Time Slider). Downloaded data from eBird can be converted to GoogleEarth format (kml or kmz). Then it can be viewed on GoogleEarth where it can be animated with the Time Slider.

I don't have a solution for generating maps from PMCA scout data. What I do instead is just grab the scout maps as they are updated bi-weekly and save them to my computer. Then they can be imported to a photo editor or movie maker to generate an animated gif or video.
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