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I reworked my round hole trendsetter for my martins to make it safer for them. I am going to add a couple 48 inch perches to it but I am just not sure where yet. If you look close you will see the martin sitting on the power pole. I only had two come back to the gourds last night. One flew up to the power pole just before I took the picture. Everyone have a great day. Bluetick Dave P.S. They are conley II holes.
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What a Great Job you have done Dave, Your martins are going to have good protection and adding the tunnels will make them feel more secure from predators, Your Martins will Love you for it!!!!!!
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Matt F.
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Very nice Dave!
Aside from being safer, the way you installed the tunnels is a really nice, clean look.
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Thanks Guys. I put them on with Lexel and four pop rivets. Lexel is a little messy but works good. Got a little on my tools.LOL! Dave
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Very nice Dave..and while it will add some protection from predators, and I don't want to sound like a buzz kill, owls will still attach themselves to the perches and beat their wings against the housing unfortunately..PCMA member Kathy Freeze found that out this year and put a wire cage around her trendsetter... :-(
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A downside is that martins can't now enjoy sitting on the porch out of the rain or sun. I at least enjoy seeing martins using a house that way, especially Trendsetters with deep porches. But see how it goes. If this modification makes the housing look more like the gourds at your location, which I understand they favor, then maybe they'll now use the house more. John
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I saw the report on Kathy's owl problem. I saw she just put conley II plates on hers. I haven't had any owls around. I was going to do that but I was scared of wing entrapment. I got the wing entrapment pieces with the crescent panels I got but I don't like them so that's why I put tunnels on it. Some hawks once in a while but no owls so far. I like the trendsetter and think it is the best as far as houses go but my birds like gourds the best. If I don't get birds in it in the next 2 years I will replace it with a gourd rack. I have kept all the plates and rods and also have the replacement Crescent panels. I have made my last change on it. If I would have known what I know now about my birds I would have all gourd racks. My older friend has T-14 housing and don't like gourds at all so there you have it. He has a lot of trouble at 86 years young dealing with the weight of the T-14 housing and also with the round holes and starlings. Bluetick Dave
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