Nest box traps on PMCA gourd hub

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Hope this helps anyone trying to rid their area of sparrows.
Steve K had an old post about how he catches starlings, attribute the idea to him. I'll still call it Sullys sparrow hotel. Patent pending....I'll share proceeds with Steve of course.
I have two unused PMCA 4 unit/gourd hubs, designed to fit on the round pole. I purchased two simple blue bird boxes (that open from the front) to see if I could attach them to the hub. Ill place van ert traps in the boxes.
Initially the gourd arm brackets on the hub were to be used but if two are removed from opposite sides of the hub the houses connect flush, back to back with the hub.
Simply drill two holes in the back of the house, thread the screws through and fasten. Tough part was getting the nuts threaded on the screws, the hub is a tight fit. Additionally, 1 inch screws are necessary, if too long will catch on the pole.
stability gained by attaching two wooden pieces to the houses on either side.
I think I'll attach one more house to it.
The hub is raised up and down with a pulley, one end attached to the hub. However, the houses covered the hole drilled for this purpose but the remaining gourd arm brackets were perfect for the rope and bolt assembly.

I'll use a bag over the whole thing to retrieve the many many sparrows i hope to catch!

Painted them white. Its very light, so if need be can be moved around.

Already ran them up the pole, doesn't spin or sway. Heres to hoping this works!
I'd post pictures, but too big :???:
Happy trapping,
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