At What Point To Stop Nest Checks?

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birdman in buckhead
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Greetings Fellow Landlords,

?1 - In years past I noticed parent birds getting very "edgy" when chicks are about to fledge. Birds from other nearby colonies would show up - I suppose to help guard the fledglings or to celebrate...?? At that point I stopped doing nest checks fearing chicks might try to fly before they were ready. Is this the correct thing to do?

?2 - I asked this next question in my post about a hawk attack. Thought I might get more input with a separate post. My birds (at last count 30 - mostly ASY birds with 15 chicks about to fledge), were attacked by a hawk or owl 3 days ago. As far as I know only 1 bird was killed and there have been no more attacks. The birds have been on high alert ever since the attack - squawking/divebombing me if I get within 20 feet of their housing. This rarely happened before. My question is should I continue doing nest checks while the birds are so anxious?

Thanks in advance for advice.
Birdman in Buckhead (BinB)

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I have martins ready to fledge any moment.. but had to do a nest check today. I did not bother the compartment the soon to be Fledglings were in.. i did a quick check in a gourd to put in fresh straw and sent the rack up nice and slow. And to remove a dead chick in another compartment.

But yeah… Don’t do any nest checks when when little martins are ready to bolt if at all possible
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Some folks stop doing nest checks when chicks are about to fledge. Some use the plug and string method to plug the entrances with older chicks that way they can continue especially if there are mixed ages.

Up to you how to approach it, I plug and will need to do that this year.

As far as the hawk or owl attack and nest checks. My advice would be to continue. Watch for hawks in the area, look for other birds and see how they act if a hawk is spotted they will tell you.
Your martins might actually be safer flying above their site. Hope this helps you.
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I use the plug and string method once the birds are 22 to 26 days old and even younger just to make sure all is ok. Next week most are at fledgling stage 26+ days old. Unless I suspect something wrong I will not check those. The plug and string works even up to fledging. I've done it before when I felt it necessary.
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