Last Clutch Of Eggs Hatching Today

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Location: Louisiana/Broussard
Martin Colony History: 2010-2014 located in Slidell LA. Gourd rack with 16 gourds. Max of 2 pairs during this short period in Slidell. Plenty of fledglings.

2014-present.. moved to Broussard LA. Same Gourd Rack but added a 6 room house (modified from a 12 room)

2020: after a long drought of nothing, 4 pairs and 4 nests, 23 eggs total.
6 fledges.

2021: 9 pair, 47 eggs
36 hatchlings
30 fledged

My season has been really good. As of now I’ve got 36 hatchlings— the first hatchlings in a ChirpyNest are due to fledge this Wed at earliest. The rest will follow over the a period of a couple of weeks.

I’ve got a clutch of four hatching today.. the last eggs remaining. Checked this morning and one had hatched so far and another egg is cracking :). Fledge day for these guys will be about 29 June.

So.. end of June will be the end of the season for me :(

The mites are under control. I’ve lost none to Starlings or House Sparrows. Actually I’ve yet to see a Starling since March.

Shot a couple of HS trying to investigate. Very lucky to not be fighting with them.

I’ve got 3 large ponds within a hundred yards and martins feed around them, within easy reach and sight of the housing. I think it may help with them being able to monitor the housing easier, but just a guess.

Take care everyone.
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