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For those of you that live in the southern states, do your martins stay all summer or leave when the the babies fledge?

I think my father told me here in WI his leave sometime in August. I know my tree swallows leave around the end of June. They are still around just not in their boxes.

Thanks in advance. Chris
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I'm in Plano, TX.

When my Martins fledged in the past, they hit the road. I never saw them again. I'm not sure what will happen this year since I have 12 pairs with babies of all different ages. I have 4 gourds that will fledge within a few days of each other and others that are younger that will be a week or so later. I think as long as I have pairs and babies, I will have them and other visitors. I believe that once the last gourd fledges, I won't see them again until next year.

I did however, see Martins in my airspace during the days after for a few weeks they just didn't come into the gourds. It's almost like they are keeping tabs on their gourds from afar.

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Some linger for a few days, then leave. I think they stay in the area and socialize with other birds. Some evenings there are hundreds that perch for a while and cause a ruckus then head off to roost overnight. Once babies fledge, they have no need for cavities.......
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Here in Cocoa Beach Florida, we've got 2 nests to fledge out of 19. They should all be gone by early July. Good thing, cause it's Hurricane season!

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Our martins usually hang around for a few days after they fledge. It’s comical to watch the parents trying to round them up in the evening and get them into the correct gourd. Some will try to go into the wrong one and get kicked out. What has always amazed us is that when there is only one nest left to fledge, some of the others remain waiting on them. When that last nest fledges they all take off for the roost. After that we have a lot of visitors checking things out.
Ours are usually gone by the end of June or the first part of July. We have had some second nests that have not left until late in July.
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Sometimes it depends on how safe the adults view the site. Their are Owls, Cooper's Hawk, raccoons, and snakes among others. Some predators you will see, some you will never know were there.

If the adults are happy with the security they may bring the Fledglings back at night for a week. Some adults leave with the Fledglings the 1st day they all can fly. They will usually go to a dead limb near by and feed the Fledglings one by one and practice flying, catching bugs and obtaining water from near by water sources.

The parents and Fledglings will return for a few weeks to familiarize the young with where they were born and landmarks in the area. Spending the nights at the Community roost and preparing the young for the long journey back to Brazil.

Our Martins will fledge around July 10th but we will have some Martins here visiting into the middle of August.
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We can’t do anything about the hawks except try to scare them off when one makes routine stops. We did that for several evenings when one kept coming at dusk right when the last couple of martins returned. We used air horns as soon as we saw him. He was fast, smart and never came from the same direction. The last time he came I think we must have scared him enough that he quit after that. He came out of an oak tree I was standing next to and I heard him flapping his wings in the branches. By the time he exited the tree I was right there blocking him with my air horn going full blast. He actually had to veer to the right not to run into me and he took off. That ended his nightly raids.
Since hubby wired our poles several years ago, we haven’t had anymore snake problems. He got tired of untangling them from the netting. And there were many. We still have our baffles and netting in place. I saw how well the hot wiring works when I watched a squirrel scamper to the pole like he was going to try and climb it. As soon as he touched it he literally did a back flip and ran in the opposite direction :grin:.
According to what you say I believe our martins consider ours a safe place. We also have a lake about 1/2 acre from the poles. We often see birds, especially barn swallows, flying low and dipping down for a drink, bath or a bug.
Last year we added a bed and breakfast. We had a few martins land on the cross bars on top but not many. This year it has become the gathering spot. We have dried crickets and oyster shells in the tray and sometimes see one eating. They now hang out on the tray itself plus the bars above. We have counted as many as twelve at a time.
I’m hoping since they are actually eating from it if we have severe weather when they start arriving next year they will use it.
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