First time I've ever been sparrow free, new approach

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I have a suburban location and always have trouble with HSP.
I used to tear out nests, worthless maneuver.
Then tried trapping with door trap. I do not like pulling out and then having to kill them.
Have 1/2 troyer horizontal and 1/2 Bo11
Door trap works better on Troyer.
But then I found a Rat trap that is solid black instead of the wire on a brown board that's been around for a hundred years or so.
Would post but not sure if board rules allow
I wait until nest completely built out and a few eggs laid.
Set Rat trap right at entrance so they trigger on way to eggs.
Kills them almost 100% of time. This year I had male and female dead together on same trigger!
In 3 years I had one that was held by leg and I let her go.

this year I had a starling in Troyer and set door trap. Caught and killed female. Reset. Next bird trapped was a Martin so I wont do it on Starling nest. But sparrows fill the cavity so thick I don't think Martins randomly enter sparrow nests.
On third week of zero HSP with 72 gourds
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