ASY at my daughter's

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Hey, this is Tim Boyd from Just south of Sugarcreek, Ohio. I've been trying for 5 years and this year, I've Moved a couple houses down to the pond. They're further from trees, and closer to water, but sadly, pretty far from the house.

But this post is regarding my daughter's successful first year and an early ASY male this year. I'd put up a T14 at her house on top of a hill and on may 18 she got her first pair and rapidly swelled to a dozen birds, all SY and confused about nesting. She had at least 4 clutches of eggs, and I'm not sure how many fledged because the house had a tight fit to the pole and was a bear to crank up and down. Anyway, on March 25, fully 6 weeks earlier than last year, lo and behold, an ASY male arrived and started chasing tree swallows who dared to land on perches. he's gone now but no doubt searching for a mate and will be back as well as others from last year.

I went to the scout arrivals and tried to post the sighting on my daughter's behalf. I got the message of a successful submission, but there is no purple dot on the map. I might have made a mistake entering information. Admin, if you're reading this, can you tell me what i did wrong? There doesn't seem to be a way of asking for help on the submissions page.

stay safe, everyone, and enjoy your season!
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In the past I thought there was a day or so lag time in the reports showing up. However I submitted one just a few minuets ago and it shows up already. If it doesn't show up by Monday I would shoot them an email.

Congrats on the new colony for your daughter. I wouldn't be surprised if that T14 doesn't almost fill up this year and you will be needing to add on next year.
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.... I posted and with in minutes it was posted.... plus the Dot on the Map ... Give them a call or try and post it again..

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