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I have been researching articles on NA roosts and I must say I had never concerned myself much with them. I did send a check to the Umpstead Bridge fund on general principle (and encourage all of you to do it as well), but I have to admit my ignorance before now.

I think we should be vigilant about these roosts, as reading about the conclusions drawn in this article my heart.

What the author says makes alot of sense...all of us doting over our colonies and building trust with our fledglings is all for naught if the martins are harrased and even destroyed as they are in some of these roosts.

Perhaps there should be a general fund set up by the PMCA for roost research and conservation, to suppliment their efforts in South America as well. Maybe it's time this responsibility of environmental stewardship got as much attention as our back yards do.

PMCA: I'm willing to give my spare time as well as some of my money for this effort...and I'm sure many of my fellow Forum members are too. All we need are marching orders.[/url]

Forgive my inept can copy/paste the above into your browser to get to the article
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There's an article about roost conservation in the Summer issue of the Update - we are asking landlords to help us locate & evaluate roost sites. There will be online info shortly too.

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