Loiuisian 17 miles North Lake Charles

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Joe Guidry
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Location: S. W. La.

had four arrived about two weeks ago and that is it, Last year had a bunch, offering free rent, HBO, AC, free food and the list goes on and on but no shows, are others seeing less birds, this is so disappointing, are others seeing less birds this year, Joe
Joe G.
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Martin Colony History: I have had my martin colony on the dam of one of my ponds for nine years. The colony has grown each year, but I am now concentrating on helping friends and acquaintances who have shown interests in martins. My colony consists of three T-14's with 8 Troyer gourds attatched to each T-14, a Troyer gourd rack with 12 gourds, and another gourd rack with 18 Troyer gourds for a total of 96 nest cavities. I am having serious predation issues with hawks and owls and am experimenting with various hawk guards and "screens". Established successful supplemental feeding last season during late march and had a blast flipping mostly meal worms and some crickets. Faculty from Ohio University are using my colony as a research site to study parasites that target cavity nesting birds. In exchange for access to my bird trail nest boxes and martin housing, they are banding all birds involved in their study.

Good offerings for those picky martins! Maybe they are Tiger fans...offer Joe Burreaux autographs!

Mike "Bird" Wren
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Martin Colony History: 2016 - late to put up, many visitors
2017 - 1 pair, 3 fledged
2018- 2 pair, 12 fledged
2019 - 4 pair, 21 fledged
2020 - 15 pair, 67 fledged

There's been a lot of birds in central LA around Boyce as PMDavid will attest to. In the beginning I've heard a lot of activity in Southern LA but not lately. I hope those guys chime in soon.

BTW. Are you familiar with a meat store called Lake Charles Poultry? My best buddies uncle owns that place.

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Martin Colony History: Second year trying to attract martins. This year I am getting rid of the wooden house and showing something they are used to seeing.
Offering 2 trio grandpaws w/2natural gourds under each and C.Abare gourd rack w/16 natural gourds. And one rehabbed 16 compartment Coates original with two natural gourds.Lots of lookers,a few overnighters and daily activity cruising and looking. All gourds have a rain canopy and wire perch.2019 7 pair moving into 2020 almost double pairs from 2019. Still have most of the month of March to go for new arrivals and April.Here late in season seemed to have as many as 18 Pr of nesting birds. Huge upscale in birds from 2019. Will also have a 20 gourd satellite rack prepared for the 2021 season.

Welcome Guidry. I can’t image you having a shortage of birds down there. The terrain there is very suitable for martins. They seem to really like the coastal area. Are all your accommodations the same ,or has it been moved or anything? If not then I would start looking at maybe predator problems. Got any sparrow or starlings? Maybe step back and take a close inventory of things,in your area your bird count should grow well. There seems to be plenty of birds up this way,I was lucky enough to double from six or seven pair up to about twelve pair this year. That’s a conservative count I can’t seem to count em all together they won’t be still! Have a close look from all aspects and maybe something will show itself. Are there rat snakes around you there ,that’s a possible problem. Good luck I hope you figure it out.
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