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Brad Biddle
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Years ago I made quite a few tunnels using Sintra. They are on 3" thin walled PVC. Those tunnels have decayed to the point of being pretty brittle. I'm about to retire those gourds and have new ones ordered to replace them. One of the porches broke off a gourd last season. The pair that was using it, seemed to do okay with it even though it was harder to enter. Since I'm replacing the gourd, I didn't repair the porch.

One of the pairs of birds that returned Tuesday is using that gourd. It looks awfully hard to enter to me. It's a WDC entrance on the end of a 3" pipe. There's no tail prop or anything. They grab it with their feet, their tail wraps around the under side of the tunnel and shoot in. The male has gotten to the point that he just zips in and out. The female is still learning.

It seems to me, with nearly 100 other gourds to choose from, that would be much easier to enter, that they would have chosen a different gourd.

I suppose that the male may be the one that used that gourd last year, but the female doesn't appear, with her lack of experience entering the gourd to be the one from last year.

Anyway, I just thought it was odd. I guess nest fidelity, on top of site fidelity, trumps everything.
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