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Martin Colony History: Second year trying to attract martins. This year I am getting rid of the wooden house and showing something they are used to seeing.
Offering 2 trio grandpaws w/2natural gourds under each and C.Abare gourd rack w/16 natural gourds. And one rehabbed 16 compartment Coates original with two natural gourds.Lots of lookers,a few overnighters and daily activity cruising and looking. All gourds have a rain canopy and wire perch.2019 7 pair moving into 2020 almost double pairs from 2019. Still have most of the month of March to go for new arrivals and April.Here late in season seemed to have as many as 18 Pr of nesting birds. Huge upscale in birds from 2019. Will also have a 20 gourd satellite rack prepared for the 2021 season.

This is an attempt to locate and meet two of the landlords in Alexandria,la. My name is David Hicks ,and my handle on the forum is pmdavid . I would like to be able meet Mr Steve Arnold ,and Mr. Virgil McCoy. I would like to be able to get together and talk martins and check out your set ups. We share the same interests and live in the same town. It would be interesting to meet you guys as I’m sure you are more experienced than I in the art of Martin landlording. If you would be interested in a new Martin friend contact me through my email and we can get together. Look forward to hearing from one or both of you guys!
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