What now???? what is the next step

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My last two gourds of martins are about to fledge. What happens next. When will they all leave for good. I will hate not having them around to listen to. Will they just hang around until they migrate away?

It has been an eye opening experience. This was my first year and a successful one at that. They were slow getting started, but now I hope to enjoy them for many years to come.

I intend to put up more gourds next year. We have grown our own this year (also a first). I also intend to have me a BB gun before next year too.

Thanks so much for all of your help. This site is very resourceful and there are so many of you that Know so much. :lol:

The fledglings and thier parents usually stick around for no more than 10 days or so. But as a first year landlord, I would leave your housing open for a few more weeks after yours leave. All the fledglings from nearby may check your housing out, spend a night or two and be your sy's next year.

The only reason I would take your housing down earlier is if sparrows begin to take over and you have no way of controlling them. Get a good pellet gun (100-150 bucks at Wal-Mart). Choose one for your location. If your area is clear for a couple hundred yards behind your shooting point, and you are farther than 80 feet or so when shooting, choose a high velocity pellet gun.

If, like me, you are closer and are also worried about hitting any thing behind your target, chosse a quality low muzzle velocity gun. Mine is deadly at about 50 feet but falls off fast and drops safely into the pond if I miss.

The most important advice on pellet guns-buy the most expensive pellets you can find. I won't be alot more than the cheapies, but a quality pellet makes all the difference when it comes to accuracy. And when you have a starling on the prowl, you want to be quick and deadly. It took one scumbeak only seconds to kill my first adult pair back this year and destroy thier 5 beautiful eggs. (My own fault, as I still had a few cavities with round entrances this year-I won't repeat that mistake)

Good luck next year.
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