Purple Martin Conference, 2019 past season, martins arriving in U.S, etc

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Hello Everybody!
Who is so excited about martins down in FL and LA? I am! My martins don't usually arrive in KS until the 1st of April.
Who is going to the purple martin conference in Norman OK? I think I'm going, but for me it's the later end of fledging time and I don't like to be away during from when they hatch to when they fledge.
How was everyone's past season? The martins and I had a pretty awesome season with 116 fledging and this year we're putting up a 28 room Trendsetter house! We've got out there right now a 12 room Trendsetter and an 18 Gourd rack which I really need to clean both out.
Hope everyone's doing good and hopefully we'll meet at the conference!
Kelly :grin:
2015- 4 fledged
2016- 15 fledged
2017- 50 fledged
2018- 82 fledged
2019- 116 fledged
1 12 room Trendsetter, 1 18 gourd rack, 1 28 room Trendsetter house.
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