How’s Your Colonies Doing?

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How’s Your Colonies Doing?

Postby Kyler » Wed Apr 24, 2019 4:40 pm

Let me know how everybody’s colonies are doing? Have you guys increased/decreased from last year? Got any eggs yet?

My colonies are doing great. 5 out of 6 of my colonies are doing awesome. At my (Main Colony) that I was forced to move about 300 Yards was off to a slow start but now has increased fast. I’m around 30+ birds with out any SY’s yet that I have seen. Nest building has started slightly. The (Old Colony) that I recently moved just about 10 yards has exploded with martins this year. Will have numbers soon. (Golf Course Colony) is still empty but still have SY’s to come in. (Uncles Home Site) has a couple pair. Which is normally what we get there. Never has increased. (Grandparents Home Site) is off to a amazing start as well. Lots of martins already there. Nest building has also started with them. (Storage Building Site) was off to a good start but had a wing entrapment that was caught to late and lost 3 martins in that doing. But still doing good. Problem with a couple starlings.

Then we have all the other colonies in Colby that I check up on sometimes but there not mine are doing very well. I have definitely seen a increase in Purple Martins in this area.

Hope everyone has a great year. Take Care!

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Re: How’s Your Colonies Doing?

Postby flyin-lowe » Thu Apr 25, 2019 8:26 am

Glad things are going good for you Kyler. At my fairly new colony I had 3 pair 2 years ago and last year I had 15 pair. Almost all of them were SY's. I had my first ASY arrivals about 2 weeks ago. That first week I had 3 coming and going and then one day I woke up to 12. I have had a few more come in and haven't gotten a good count but I have close to 20 ASY's here now and they are starting to pair up. Hopefully I get a good number of SY's this year. At my old colony I went from 5 pair, to 12 pair, to 30 pair. Would love to get over 30 pair this year, time will tell. I have neighbor about 3 miles down the road who has been trying to start a colony for years. He has a good location and good housing, just occasionally get a single pair but never any ASY's returning. Hopefully I can get my numbers up and fledge some good numbers to get some other colonies in the area started. I just noticed a couple weeks ago a guy around the corner from me put up two new houses. I haven't had time to speak with him yet but his houses are within eyesight of my place so I might be able to get him started as well.
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Re: How’s Your Colonies Doing?

Postby Dave Reynolds » Fri Apr 26, 2019 8:38 am

Kyler --- Sounds great at your colony... And things are going well. Last year I only had one pole and two trio on it and four gourds.. It was a great success. (15 Pair) This year I added another pole built identical to the first pole and houses.,,. And now I have 10 pair jockeying for rooms and gourds. And as you said I don't have any SY's this year yet either... So all is going well..

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