Louisiana-maybe a first pair

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Location: Boyce,Louisiana
Martin Colony History: 2018 1 lone nut and lots of visitors
2019 6 pair -21fledged
2020 18 pair -60 fledged
2021......to be seen.
24 natural gourds on a satellite rack,9 other gourds scattered around
2-12 compartment trio houses
Rarely see a sparrow or starling,but when I do they don’t last long!
Will have a second satellite rack for the 2022 season and phase out the houses,the martins here strongly prefer natural gourds.

Thanks Lowe, a short amendment to earlier post...........of the pairs I have,three pr are ASY,and the other two are SY birds and the potential 6th pair are also SY.
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That’s great to hear PMDavid so happy for you , keep us posted .
Robert , South Carolina
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2018 season
21 pairs 107 eggs 99 fledged
2019 season
23 pairs 122 eggs 105 fledged
2020 season
23 pairs 122 eggs 72 fledged
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That's great David, I had been wondering as well. Take care of them and your set, I love to hear a success story.
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