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Martin Colony History: have not had martins for last 20 yrs. trying to re establish a colony
2018 1 asy pair fledged 2

Our 2 young martins both flew out this morning and sucsessfully landed in the cottonwood trees near our house. We had 4 hatch but lost 2 in the hot weather in july, the eggs hatched on july 4th. These were the first martins to nest here since the mid 90s. We also had a sy male here most days for the last 2 months as well as numerous visits from other martins especially the last 2 weeks. Hoping they all make it back and grow the colony next year, it's bean fun watching them, with only one pair you can really follow the whole nesting process closely . Good luck to all who are trying to get started next year, with a very good season here in wisconsin there should be a lot of sy birds returning next spring!!
Ed Svetich-WI
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Martin Colony History: 24 Super and Excluder Gourds on two gourd racks, all SREH. Full occupancy. My philosophy is to maximize fledge % with existing cavities rather than adding gourds to grow colony, thus providing opportunities for new colony expansion. Fledge over 100 nestlings yearly from 24 gourds. Band nestlings in cooperation with state university. 2019 Adendum: Reduced colony size to 12 gourds to focus on more intensive management regimen.


Congratulations on a successful season. You were fortunate to be able to focus your attention and learn about your martins at close range. As your colony grows, commit to being an active participant in assuring that your martins are successful in fledgling as many martins as possible rather than being a passive observer. Learn from your martins and you will be successful in growing a thriving colony.

Produce as many martins as you can manage.

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I had just a few pair nest last year with some SY's that never nested. I ended up with 15 pair this year so you never know what next year will bring. Getting over the hump and having some ASY's return is a good feeling.
2020 47 of 52 cavities with nest (5/29)(HOSP Count 7)
2019- 31 Pair over 100 fledged
2018- 15 pair last count 49 fledged
2017 3 SY pair nested, 12 eggs total, fledged 10. 4 additional SY's stayed all summer but never paired/nested.
2016 1 pair fledged 4
2015 Visitors
2014 Visitors
2013 Moved 6 miles away, 1 pair fledged 2.
2012 30 pair fledged 100.
2011 12 pair (11 that nested), 43 fledged.
2010 5 pair, 21 eggs, 16 hatched, 14 fledged.
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