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loco for purple
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My female Martin is doing great considering the below freezing temperatures . I fed her on three separate occasions yesterday and once this morning . I did not have to feed the martins the two previous seasons . I flip my matins super worms and they love them . I was relieved yesterday when she saw me , and immediately flew down to be fed . Now, I no she will survive this cold spell . The weather is suppose to get better starting tomorrow !!
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Do you freeze your superworms first, before you flip them, or do you just flip them out there live?
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loco for purple
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No , I don't freeze them . You can keep them alive for a long time if you give them some moisture .They are expensive at the pet stores , so I order them from Amazon . My martins love them !!! Once I know the cold weather is over for the season I give the super worms to my chickens .
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How long are the Superworms from Amazon?

I always feed crickets in the past, just wondering if these would be easier.

I usually flip them with a plastic spoon, like from Dairy Queen or Sonic.
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Good Morning James, It is me Kenny over here in Grand Prairie, Tx
Congrat's on the return of your Martins, I did not see any entry's from you on the Scout report page , If you can please report I like to see who gets martins around my surrounding area and what dates
When did your female come in????, I have not seen or Heard any martins here at my site in Grand Prairie as of yet
Thank you for taking care of the Martins
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Wishing everyone a Great Martin Year
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