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James Strickland FL
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Joined: Thu Nov 13, 2003 8:04 pm
Location: Reidsville NC
Martin Colony History: 2017 Had a lot visitors no Matins nesting, hoping 2018 will be different.
2018 Had 1 pair
2019 had 30 pair

Well the season must be over up here in NC, at least I have not seen any more Martins coming by. I did not get any Martins to nest, but did have visiting a lot for my first Martin Season here. I will have to make some changes for next year. I know not to put any houses here as they seem to not like them. Gourds, Gourds and Gourds are what they like the most. I will have a lot more time to put into the planning as I do not have to be running back and forth to the farm from the Apartment while a house renovation is going on. I hope that everyone had a great season. Has anyone heard or seen any postings for Steve in LA. His last posting was May 11? I hope he is ok.
Donnie Hurdt MN
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Location: North Prairie, MN

Hi James Good to see you on here again. Sorry to hear you didn't have any luck getting martins this year am wishing you better luck next year. I too, have been wondering about Steve K. but someone said on this forum that he is on face book now. I am not nor will I ever be on any of those social media waste of time gizmos so I cant tell you for sure.
I did get one pair of sub adult martins this spring they are very busy feeding four fat and very healthy young. I hope they come back next year! :grin:
PMCA member and Martin fanatic....
2011 A pair of subbies fledged three young but none returned in 2012 :-(
2015 One Pair of subbies came and stayed a few nits but got chased away by Bluebirds and Tree swallows. :-(
2017 0ne pair of subbies nested and fledged 4 young
2018 Tree Swallows AGAIN chased away any martins that wanted to nest :evil:
2019 Same old story................ :-(
James Strickland FL
Posts: 2249
Joined: Thu Nov 13, 2003 8:04 pm
Location: Reidsville NC
Martin Colony History: 2017 Had a lot visitors no Matins nesting, hoping 2018 will be different.
2018 Had 1 pair
2019 had 30 pair


Great to here that you had a pair. I will turn things around next year. Hope to see Steve back on here.
taxidermy lady
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Joined: Sun Mar 02, 2014 10:21 am
Location: IL/Ellis Grove
Martin Colony History: Started trying to attract purple martins in 2012! It's finally happened in 2017! 5 years!!! ASY male and SY female came May 1st, fledged 5 babies!

Steve's on the PMCA Face book! It's a nice place! Larry Melcher has to accept your invitation! Its all good! :)
Sharon from southern Illinois
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Location: PA/Avis
Martin Colony History: The 1972 St. Agnes flood wiped out all the Martins in my area. One day, in 1997-98, 5 or 6 Martins landed on the power wires crossing my back yard. I had no house for them. They kept coming back day after day. We got a martin house a few weeks later & they have been coming back every year since. I average 12-15 pair per year.

Sorry you weren't able to get a start this year, but next year will be it :).

Many have moved to the Face Book page. I also do not, nor will I, have a Face Book account.

Sadly those who come here needing help may not get it now. Hardly anyone is replying to posts.

Toy in PA
PMCA Member
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Location: Holly Springs, NC
Martin Colony History: 2009-2015-Helped to manage Raleigh site, 36 cavities
2016- 33 pairs at Raleigh site, 1 pair at home site.
2017- 34 pairs at Raleigh site, 3 pairs + extra SYs at home site
2018- 33 pairs at Raleigh site, 5 pairs + extra SYs at home site
2019 - 32 pairs at Raleigh site, 7 pairs at home site, 2 pairs at new Holly Springs park site

I still have SY martins hanging out in the mornings here in Holly Springs NC, even though my nests here have long since fledged. Earlier this afternoon, during an unsuccessful attempt to get the boat started at Harris Lake :???: , we saw many HYs and ASYs flying overhead. The adults were feeding the fledglings in the air. It was cool to watch. It made the frustrating trip to the boat ramp a little easier to bear. :roll:

We still have one late nest out at University Club in Raleigh. Nest is due to fledge on or after Aug 1.

Re: no one replying to posts, I will say that under the older forum setup, I used to get emails to let me know when someone replied to my posts, or replied to my comments. Now, I don't get any notifications anymore (I have checked the settings and nothing seems amiss, so not sure what's going on there), so unless I think to look at the forum, I would never know there might be someone there waiting for a response from me. I appreciate having both this forum AND the PMCA Facebook page as a resource. 8)
NC Purple Martin Society (PMCA affiliate)
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Location: Corpus Christi Tx
Martin Colony History: 2016- didnt know anything about martins, put up an all wrong house in 2016 and had two come by and inspect all the cavities. Left soon after not to return. Learned what i could on PMCA made adjustments and next year was successful.
2017- 5 pair. 15 fledged
2018- 18 pair. 85 fledged
2019- 17 pair. 81 fledged
2020- 25 pair. 111 fledged
Home colony: mix natural gourds, enlarged compartment house. All SREH.
Satelite colony: Oso Bay Preserve: 12 gourds: PMCA excluder gourds, 6 room trio mino castle with enlarged compartments.
2019: Visitors
2020: 3 pair, 11 fledged
PMCA member

Facebook??! Geeze, no escape. No facebook for me either Toy, no thanks. Ill stick to the forum.

Courtney-NC-ours have all gone as well, there is a pair that still tucks their fledgelings away at night and about 25 hang around in the morning till around 1030 or so...mostly SYs and I suspect chicks but a ASY male comes around time and again. They just seem to like the company, poke around the cavities and poop. :P

Iv dusted the house and gourds for mites, not looking forward to the "Silence!"
PMCA member, believer in nest checks, venting, SREH and pest/predator protection.
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