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PM Pataskala
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When trying to attract martins for the first time...... Are you more likely to be successful the more cavities you have. In other words: is twenty better than six ??
Dick Robinson
2016 - Dagnabbit - Still a lonely wannabe landlord. :-(
2015 - Still no martins
2014 - No luck yet... Not seeing many martins in the area.
2013 - First year trying. I've done everything to attract PM's except giving them free airfare to get here. Maybe I'll do that too !!!

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Martin Colony History: Super colony

Quality housing, keeping sparrows and starlings away, martins nearby, having a nice, open location are all the right main ingredients for attracting them.
Unfortunately it is simply a waiting game and luck after that.
Keep us posted !
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A couple of other things I'd add---get a good outdoor speaker, a CD player with timer, and play the Dawn Song from an hour before daylight until you get tired of hearing it. Additionally, mount a half-dozen decoys around your housing......and don't give up!!

I think I was one of the founding members of the wanna-be landlord club. Live in western WI; finally had two pair year-before-last (12 fledged), and last year had 6 pair with 35 fledglings.

Good luck in the '17 season. Let us know how you do!!
Terry & Michelle
New Richmond, WI

2005 - 2014 Hard luck stories
2015 - 2 pair, 12 eggs/12 fledglings
2016 - 6 pair, 35 eggs/35 fledged
2017 - 18 pair, 88 eggs / 85 fledged.
2018 - 23 pair, 119 eggs/115 fledged.
2019 - 31 pair, 137 eggs/133 fledged
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