could have been my year, foiled by BB's

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had an SY male checking out my empty house. he seemed pretty comfortable, sat on top and checked out holes for awhile so i presume it wasn't his 1st visit. i did see another flying around but never came in. the next day, he was back w/ the other (never got a good look at it) but the BB who had a failed nest in a close by house was on top and chased them off. the BB was looking to nest in the martin house, so i blocked the holes to dissuade them, even though i didn't want to have no holes if the SY male came back.

the BB's appeared to have moved back to the other house. a few days later, the SY male is back sitting on the house, trying to get at the closed holes. the male BB landed on the house w/ him and the SY seemed more aggressive towards it and the BB flew back to the other house. when the SY male left, i went out to open a few holes. he came back while i had the house down, chirped and flew off. i haven't seen the BB looking at the newly opened holes, but he still sits up there a lot.

the state park a cpl miles away has a nice set up now and it looked to be nearly filled w/ ASY's, so i thought i had a good chance to catch some overflow. it appears i may have, but the BB's put a stop to that.
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Hi DeFed,
Bluebirds have stopped many new martin colonies from getting off the ground. They are extremely territorial and defend their domain ruthlessly! A new start up colony must put enough distance from the martin rack to the bluebird nest...mine are almost 100 feet away!. They do offer a quick early warning...hawk detector system... so they are very beneficial! Try and not let them hunt from your martin rack perch...or the ring...or anywhere on the rack. Go out and clap your hands and get them to move on. Don't let them establish territoriality. They will defend it to the end! Remember we love them too!

Good Luck next season!
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No I haven’t seen..
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all was fine until they lost their nest in their house. i should have closed the holes off sooner until they left, but didn't want to deter any exploring martins. seems it backfired a bit.

i have a home made T-8 that i plan to replace w/ horizontal troyers, like the state park has. they appear to be working great for them, but they have a big lake. i have 2 decent sized ponds w/in sight and several others close.
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