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birdy girl
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when reporting martin arrival, do I need to register and set up new account? I have reported before but says user name and password not right. If I need to register, do I use a totally new user name and password or my forum user name and password? I have report previously, but this is something new apparently.

Terri (Birdy girl)
Tim Stover
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no they are two users names one for this forum here. and then one where you buy things i don't know if you ever had that account or not.
but i had to log into that account to to report hope this helps
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John & Linda - KY
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I used the same user name and password successfully when setting up the new account. -- John
birdy girl
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I had to use another user name and password (other than my forum user name and password) to report arrival. WIsh I could have used the same one as forum but I wrote it down. As long as I do that I am ok.
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You could still change it back to the same as your forum password. Just use the "contact us" button at the bottom of the page and let them know what you would like.
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