Anyone ever put tunnels on your S&K gourds?

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Hello, I have a question for you S&K gourd users that have added a tunnel to your gourd. The directions indicate to 'remove the front of the entrance on the gourds by using the guides'. I see where they have a guide on the gourd, but how in the heck did you get it removed? I would love to know what tool/mechanism you used to get this removed so you could place your tunnels on (or if you decided not to remove it at all). Thanks for any help or feedback.
S&K Directions
S&K Directions
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Front of Gourd
Front of Gourd
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Inside view of gourd
Inside view of gourd
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Emil Pampell-Tx
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All of my S&K gourds have tunnels. The part that must be removed is the old entrance hole, follow the indentation (flat on the bottom, round on the top going thru the 2 holes). Make it look like fig C in the third photo.

I use a small sharp knife, insert the knife on the indent, push DOWN in small 1/2in strokes. Its very safe by pushing down. You will be surprised how easy it cuts. Follow the indentation all the way around, then attach the new tunnel

Some people use a jig saw to do the cutting.

The Ultimate S&K tunnel is an excellent tunnel, it lasts a long time, and the design is excellent..Hope that you like them.
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I used a utility knife to cut out the opening using the groove in the front of the gourd as a guide for what material needed to be removed.
I then drilled the four mounting holes and attached the tunnel after placing a small bead of caulk between the top of the tunnel and the gourd to prevent any water leakage into the gourd.
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Thank you for your responses and help.
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I use an X-Acto Hobby Knife /Blade, there are different blades to choose from. I use the most pointed one & scribe over the grooved line several times . Be careful & if you install vent caps, I do the same with the neck top before I tap it out/ Down with a small hammer. Good luck , & Hope things go well for you!
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A dremel tool with cutting wheel works really well too.
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I'm with Emil in my thinking except that he is way ahead of me. But I hope to remedy my shortcoming this season (if and this never-ending winter is over)
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Yes I have on big bo 's but what I do not like is crescent entrance down on floor of porch have had 3 wing entrapments and that was to many. Lost a male so changed all of them to bell type entrance I got them from Amish friend had no problems with them and starling proof. Most of my gourds are troyers love them . Big roomy and deeper nest bed I call it don't have eggs ever roll to front either. Tim m. Purple Martin Ridge
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