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All fairs well here in Southwest Arkansas.Sy pair still raising 2 babies.......I think I have done my last nest check on them today.they look at me like.OK BUDDY YOU PUT A FINGER IN HERE AND WE ARE OUTTA HERE :lol: :lol: :lol: ...ASy pair has 4 eggs which are scheduled to hatch around the 8 or so.she laid her last on June 22nd.........as far as mites I have had some but the 1/2 of a teaspoon of 5% sevin does wonders in the entrance under the nest.......my ASY male is all confused.when I do nest checks he sets on the highwire and watches mr.but when I take a look at the bluebirds in their box he tries to take my hat off :shock: :shock: :shock: .the other day my little girl who is 5 took a little to close to the gourd rack and he quickly scolded her by a couple of flybys.she is ok after daddy got there. :eek: :eek: :eek: I have also picked up another SY pair who are permanant residents here now.but I do not think they are interested in nesting.just companionship.

Seems like everyone is getting late clutches this year! Sounds like you're having a great year so far and will be able to extend it some with new arrivals. Hopefully it will stay cooler in AR than it is here in TX. Good luck, hope all goes well.

I know what you mean about your birds giving you that "I dare you to look in here again" attitude. :x I had one fly over the house the other day on my last check!
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Martin Colony History: Erected 1st house in 1997. Birds were checking it out before Mike got down from the ladder. Six cavities had a little colony 1st year. Grown to 88 cavities all gourds with near 100% occupancy. Most important factor for success is rain = bugs.

Hi Mr. Lodi! I was just looking back through the Forum and found a post from you with 2 photos. I don't know how, but I had totally missed it before. I assure you, I would never intentionally ignore a post of yours. Now, can you tell me how you posted those pictures? I can't get mine to post. I don't know what I'm doing wrong!!!

I'm sorry your little girl was frightened by a dive bombing martin. They do get a little overprotective by times. I hope she wasn't permanently damaged by the incident and will grow to love Purple Martins - just like Daddy. :grin:

It sounds like your little colony is doing great. I have faith - I believe your ASY pair will successfully fledge their young just as your SY pair will. And that third pair will be back to seriously contribute to the PM population next year.

Enjoy, Mr. Lodi Landlord! I am so proud for you!
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