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Martin Colony History: 2014 Several visits but no nestings. Built the ranch style 8 hole house.
2015 Built T-14 out of pine lumber. Lot better and easier to do nest checks. One pair nested with 5 eggs. 4 hatched and 3 fledged.
2016 4 pair 21 eggs 16 fledged.

Last Thursday had my first Martins show up. Appeared to be SY females and 1 male. Friday had an adult male and female show up. Sat I had another pair but they left also. Sunday saw a couple flying but were driven off by a rw blackbird. Getting a little bummed with all the activity but none wanting to stay. I put just a little straw in the boxes thinking that might help but haven't seen anything since Sunday. Don't know if there is anything else I can do.
2014-1st year house up
2015- 2nd year, built a new T-14 martin house. Got it up a little late but have 1 pair nesting. There is another male staying around but I don't think it has a mate yet.
5 eggs in pairs nest
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As long as you have your housing in an open space and you are keeping away sparrows and starlings, there is not much more you can do but wait. I think that is one of the hardest parts of this hobby.

Good luck, I am pulling for you.

2013 - 16 pair, 79 eggs, 71 fledged
2012 - 4 pair, 18 eggs, 18 fledged
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