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MaryanneKaht IL
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What are opinions of landlords about the use of Sevin? We had a mite problem last year that we would like to be on top of this season.
Emil Pampell-Tx
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I have used it (very sparsely) for about 30 years, I have never seen a problem with it, and the babies are so happy to get rid of the mites.
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Emil is abolutely right! The benefits outweigh the risks!
Good Luck in 2014!
Debbie Johnson
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For what it is worth, I use it.
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I use Diatomaceous Earth. Have used it for 10 years. It is totally non-toxic to beast or fowl. But it kills lice and mites or anything with an exoskeleton.

I mix up a slurry and smear it on the walls inside the cavities. It will erode off the walls slowly during the season.

In 2003 I noticed all the babies coming out way early. On examination they were totally covered with lice or mites and the walls of the cavities were black with them. I lost almost the entire hatch that year. I tried putting them back in the nests to no avail. I almost quit that year.

The next year I started using Diatomaceous earth and the fledge rate has been almost 100% each year since. And, it has no effect on the eyes of the birds. I checked that very close. At the end of the season the cavities have always been free of lice or mites.

Oh, it will also kill internal parasites in the birds. Do some Googling on Diatomaceous Earth if you don't believe me. Many people mix it in with the feed for farm animals and chickens for internal parasite control.

Get 100% pure Diatomaceous Earth at any pool supply company. I got a 25lb bag at first and it is still half full.

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I'm a Sevin user. I'm thankful for it. No creepy crawlies on my birds.
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I have been using sevin over 30 years , a teaspoon under the front of each nesting cavity Never any Mites or Problems...Never!!!
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Wishing everyone a Great Martin Year
Happy Martining for 2020 to everyone,

Craig Dyer
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Hi Maryanne,
There is an interesting debate regarding the use of Sevin in the Forum archives under Management "The Sevin Debate".
Based on my own personal experience Sevin does a terrific job of keeping mites under control. I have witnessed explosive mite infestation in my martin colony and it is a horrific site to behold. I have found Sevin to be the best tool available in dealing with this problem (my opinion). I place an 1/8th of a teaspoon under the nest trays early in the season, and usually have to repeat the application again a month or two later. During damp rainy periods Sevin appears to biodegrade more quickly and more applications may be required.
The best of luck to you this season.
Craig Dyer
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