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Laura Dore
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Well, I finally have four martins that have been hovering over my housing for three days now. They get very close to landing, but there is a pesky mockingbird that sits close by and chases them off whenever they are about to land. Have never had this problem in previous years of being a landlord, so not sure what to do about it. I can't shoot it, it's our state bird for heavens sake! Any advice?
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Martin Colony History: Start 2009 with one pair. Upgraded from S&K houses to two Trendsetter 12's with gourds beneath in 2013. I have experienced job, pet, and parental losses since '13. The Purple Martins lift my spirits and remind me how life continues forward by flying their little selves from Brazil back to my yard. As one forum person once told me, chin up DebA, look at the martins. Danger all around but yet they soar in the sky without a care in the world.

Air horn the mocker? lol It might work or you might scare everyone away.
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Gobbler T
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Get a cat! He'll spend all his time chasing it, and leave your martins alone!
Sorry I can't help ether.

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The mocking bird is not a cavity nester so not considered a threat. I think other birds know what birds are a threat also. If you had martins before no mock bird is going to keep them from coming back. Just sparrows and other cavity nesters trying to take their housing.
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Laura Dore
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After my initial post, I did a search by "mockingbird" on the forum and found someone who had the same problem. Seems as though the mockingbird may be defending the bush with the berries, (that there happens to be one of very close to my housing) as his territory, even though the martins have no interest in them. Hopefully, they will all get some courage and ignore the mockingbird soon. Just hope they don't give up and head somewhere else without a mockingbird to bother them.
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