Female Martin in NE KS

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Sure thought mine would be later since reports for Kansas just got started. But lo and behold......a beautiful female is here. Yahoo........love the first sighting. :grin: :grin: :grin:
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Wow! Yay! Last year was my first year to get a female first.

The closest scout report near me is about 30 miles away. I just checked. I don't have any martins. Sniff sniff. But I do have a goat out. :)
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Congratulations! Surprised me to see one that close to home. Hope your season is fantastic.
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I was surprised too, Gene. She is only 45 minutes from you. Last year, I had my first on the 13th and that is within typical.........only most reports are south of here right now with all the cold we've had. But she is here in all her glory.........3 kids and I stood in the yard to cheer her arrival. In fact, my 12 yo daughter heard her first. :grin:
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Congrats Dawn!! Season has begun for you!! Mine were here on the 6th last year..still waiting..
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Dawn, congratulation's on your arrival. Good luck with the martins this year.
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Dawn, congrats on first arrival. Hope it is one of many for you.

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