Lonestar Alamo perch rod issue...

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the O rings that hold the perches in place have all failed over the winter.. I mean every last one of them. What are some good lasting replacement idea for these? I want something that doesn't rust or corrode.

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Peggy Riley
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Hope you get a good reply! I use automotive o rings that my husband uses. I've even gone so far as to drill holes in the rod on each side of the porch and use hitch pens.
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John Barrow
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I have used the small sized plastic electric ties--one snugged tight on each end of porch. To remove the rod I cut the inner one off and pull the rod out. I don't know how many seasons they will last, but they are cheap and work well. I never had one fail during a single season. Plus they come in several colors.

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Matt F.
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I'm not familiar with the Lonestars at all, but could you drill small holes in the Lonestar perches, and use some of the Trio/Nature House rail supports?
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Mine are crap too, after having gone though several winters they are in various stages of falling apart. I haven't thought of a solution yet, though drilling holes in the rods sounds awesome, I'm not set up with the equipment that could accomplish such exact results. Your guess is as good as mine but I wish you luck!
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I bought my alamo system used about 3 years ago. It has some sort of hard calking to keep the rods in place
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I may try caulk on mine. I have one on the ground and one up in the air about to fall out. O-rings don't hold up out in the weather.
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Same issue on my Lonestar Goliad. I tried replacement O-rings from the hardware store, and got the same failed result. I now use a cheaper alternative that has held up and ez to replace - wrapping just enough black electric tape around the rods just outside each side of the porch to keep the perching rods in place.

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mine failed after about 9 months. I will probably go to some sort of locking collar with set screw. If I can find one in stainless or aluminum.
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John Balga
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I purchased some tubing which tightly fits over the perch rod and cut it to 3/8 inch wide or so so they could be slipped inside and outside of the porch. By pushing the two together, it seems to stop the perch from turning.

If you warm the tubing and slide it in place along the perch and make it tight, when the tubing cools it will be that much more snug.

Give it a try....it will last the season and will not be as flimsy as the o-ring.

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A bit off topic, but just wanted to say I'm a big fan.
I love the many wonderful houses, and designs, that you've created.
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