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is it alright to feed martins chopped hard boiled eggs?
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Louise Chambers
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Sure - some landlords mash them up, shell and all, and their martins like them that way, too.
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My martins seem to like hard boiled eggs better than crickets .
Dave Duit
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I have used hard boiled and scrambled. I scramble almost all my eggs out of convenience. I see scrambled eggs in my sleep since I have been scrambling 5 dozen per day for about the past three weeks. I scramble a dozen at a time in a wok using a fork at first to wisk them off the bottom of the wok so they won't stick. Then right as the come together and resemble scrambled eggs with no runnys then I turn off the burner and use an old fashion pie cutter with 5 cutter and quickly chop them up into small bite size pieces. Quick and easy.
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i use the microwave, - dont be shy, grabbing a glass bowl, cracking 6 at atime, slash of milk, stir, throw in the wave, they fluff up, , stop, stir them cook again for 30sec, or till fluffy, i take a whisk , or mashpotato utincil to mash them up in cubes, i tried the skillet, its work!-- bottom line is suplilmental feed, how you cook them- is everyones preference, they will thank you for them, they remember, the hand that feeds them!!good luck
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