what's a good gun to shoot sparows with not to powerful!

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What's a good gun to take care of sparows they are getting in my natural gourds
But not to powerful but acurate thanks[/quote]
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Hi jojo, I use a .22 Marlin, model 25n with a Bushnell .22 rim fire scope- 3-9x32mm. I use a low load shell (CCI) as it is less powerful and can be shot out a window of your house as it make less noise than most pellet guns.Works great. good luck. cs.
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Jojo - you'll get a wide variety & a lot of responses to this question! :lol:

I have an RWS 850 pellet gun - C02 powered. After trying a break barrel and other guns, this is the one I've settled on. Yes, add a scope to it. C02 is funny with cold weather, but if you buy a special spring modification ($2.50), it corrects the issue.

http://www.pyramydair.com/s/m/Hammerli_ ... Magnum/913

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Another option is an Remington Airmaster 77. Cheap gun. A pump which allows you to controll the power. Accurate enough with a decent scope.
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We have a Stoeger X10. This thing fires .177 cal at 1000 fps with lead shot, 1200 with alloy. Came with a pretty good scope too. Hasn't done us wrong yet. If I remember correctly, it was under $200.
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jojo92 - You ask a trick question because I need to know how far away you are to the HOSP and a price range.

So with out that information I am going to recommend

1. Benjamin Marauder in .177 in CO2
2. Benjamin Discovery in .177 in CO2
3. Hammerli 850 in .177
4. Weihrauch HW90 in .177 (This is a springer and you have to learn how to shoot it.)
5. Benjamin Trail NP in .177 (This is a springer and you have to learn how to shoot it.)

I can not recommend you shoot any powder burner into the air other than a shotgun.

I use a .25 cal Air Force Condor which is way overkill. However, I did not buy the Condor to kill HOSP. I bought the Condor to kill raccoons and skunks at over 50 yards away.
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I have a Crosman Benjamin Titan w/scope. Lead pellets go 800fps and blast holes in 3/4" plywood at 25 yds. Too much investment in my housing to shoot S&S there, so I use it for S&S on ground, fence, or in tree. (Get absolute ID of target before shooting!) Cost is about $149. It fits me well as a woman, and my husband has good accuracy with it also. Like Fatman said, the springer air guns take some getting used to. I have bruises from cocking the thing. BUT... I don't have to buy bullets (as with a .22 rifle) and it is WAY more accurate and powerful than a BB gun! Be sure to check specs on weight of gun and cocking effort, and read the reviews before you buy. Expect to sight in the gun and have a break in period of about 100 rounds. They aren't loud but if using a lot, should use ear plugs.
Good Luck!

PS I don't have martins yet, but getting a lot of experience terminating S&S. Maybe you can also call PMCA for recommendation for an insert trap. I love my Gilbertson for the BB houses. It has little wire hooks to hang in opening of Gilbertson PVC BB houses, so would imagine it could work for natural gourds as well, just a thought, and cheaper than a gun.
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I agree with Kathy. The hammerili RWS 850, bolt action 8 shots, no pumping, Great scope, Can be made wishper quiet with the suppressor atttached, and Not that expensive. Yes, can shoot with the best of them. About 200 quality shots off 88 gram Co2 bottle.. Bottles cost about 8 to 10 bucks piece depending on where you buy them. Mine shoots best with RWS superdome pellets. Can hit staples the I staple my target to the board at 20 yards So the bullseye is like shooting baseball. Also, it has great trigger. Price range 275. to 350 depending on your options, scope, suppressor.
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I use the Revelation .20 gauge my dad got me from the Western Auto store for Christmas in 1982.

It's pretty loud.
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I use a single shot .20 gauge with modified choke, works good.
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Beeman R7 with a Bushnell scope is the best on the market.
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I second the Newman R7. Extremely accurate, very easy to cock, low power (but plenty powerful for sparrows and starlings)
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My husband bought me the Beeman and I cannot hit the broad side of a barn with the dawg gone thing. It has a nice scope on it but I don't know what the problem is. Prob owner issue. ha ha.

I plan to take it out and try to sight it in this weekend. Is there a special way to sight a gun like this in?

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Go to http://airgun-academy.pyramydair.com/blog/ and look up accuracy and sighting in a scope.
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Tangula, its best to use the correct setup when sighting in a pellet rifle. Some people use a shooting bench with sand bags. Not everyone has a shooting bench, so maybe you can improvise with something solid that will not move when using, and then use sand bags to help stedy the rifle. When you can consistently hit the target, then the pellet rifle is correctly sighted in.

Sometimes changing to different kinds of pellets will help the accuracy. Sometimes a certain pellet is the most accurate.

Once you get the rifle sighted in, then it takes practice, LOTS of practice. It helps tremendously if you can hold the gun steady, so you may want to keep using the sandbags from a good shooting platform (I use a small window to help hold the rifle steady), and made a small bench to use that is the correct height to make shooting easy.

But basicaly, what you need is a lot of practice if you cannot hit. Most airrifles are accurate enough to kill starlings and sparrows if you had a lot of practice. Everybody that shoots must practice a whole lot if they expect to consistently hit the target.

I too have an old Beaman R9, .20 sized pellet, and its extremely accurate. My main problem is that I cannot hold the rifle still enough, and the sparrows hop around a whole lot and I often miss them.

Because it takes so much time to practice and wait for a good shot, I find it much easier to trap them. Furthermore, if you miss, the birds get very spooky, and then you have a hard time getting a good open shot, they fly away when you try to shoot them.
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DakotaLady, which Beeman did he buy you? Unfortuantely, Beeman allowed their name to be used on some Chinese made guns and they are not a crap. If it is one the cheaper Chinese guns it isn't worth a crap and you get what you pay for. The minimum Beeman gun should be a R-7. Either the R-7 or R-9 are the way to go with a break barrel gun. If you can't hit with either of these, then you need to find which pellet the gun likes, and then practice, practice, practice. The mistake many people do is to buy a nice gun, and then cheap pellets, and of course, blame the gun. You have to find the pellet the gun wants to be fed. Of course, if you have one of the cheap Chinese Beeman guns, you won't hit the broadside of a barn regardless of what you do.
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Well, there you have it....the guy that taught me has spoken. Sandy-NC knows guns and I listened to his advice to get the most out of my RWS Diana. If I was in the market, I'd buy one of the two that sandy suggest.
The best "next hobby" a Martin landlord can get interested in, is shooting accurately, and it is money and time well spent when you stop S&S with the first shot. Okay, honestly, I do miss occasionally. But get serious protecting your Martins. Martins recognize a safe colony, and before long you will have all the Martins you can handle.
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I shoot a Beeman DE (made in Germany Sandy), with a Leapers scope and rings. Predator Polymags are the pellet that patterned best in this gun and the only ones I shoot from it.
I recently shot a male HOSP at 42.5 yds.
If you want to make those kinds of shots, you must invest $ like Sandy says, and invest time in patterning the gun and practicing like Emil says.
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The gun says Beeman S1. I shoot a lot with a .22 with birdshot and LOVE that gun. I also shoot trap competitively. I don't know if I have one of the lower level Beemans but my goal is to really take some time to sight it in and practice with it this year. I have a few starlings and sparrows that get pretty flighty by midseason and a longer reaching gun would be a plus.

Thank you for the website, I am off to read through it as I need to know exactly what I am doing with that gun.

Jojo, good luck in your purchase. In my humble opinion, if the noise of a .22 is not a problem in your area, I would go with that and use birdshot. I can get more than one bird in a shot at times if they are sitting next to each other.

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jojo, after you've shot and killed a few HOSPs, they will get very wary and flee when they see you coming. Yes, they're that smart. My PUMA house pole is 100 feet from my back door, and the HOSPs that might have gathered around that house invariably will flee when I open the inner wooden door, before I've even reached for the knob on the outer storm door.

If you don't have a window positioned so you can slide a barrel out to make a stealthy shot, you might be spending on something that will only kill a few birds, then you're done. Trapping is a better long-term option.

If you're still of a mind, I'd go for a .22 rifle. They're probably the easiest gun in the world to learn to shoot well, a very steep learning curve. Bud's Gun Shop has the Mossberg Plinkster, with a scope, for $240. You'd still have to pay shipping, taxes and the FFL's transfer fee on top of that, but you're still out less than $300 for a rifle that will shoot with airguns that cost 2x as much. Walmart shows them online but it's a crap shoot whether your store would have one in stock. They don't show the price but I'd expect about $150, without scope.

And they make .22 ammo in a wide range of powers, some not much more potent than mid-range airgun. You can still get BB and CB caps, which originally were made for shooting galleries. There is no gunpowder in the shell, just the primer compound.

A stray pellet even from a kid's Crosman 760 airgun still will blow a hole through your gourds. And if you live someplace where there's an ordnance against discharging a firearm, they probably also specifically included airguns in it. So I don't know why you want low power, or what your definition of low power is, but I don't see that an airgun is your best option.

FWIW, my full-time rabbit, tree rat and yard varmint gun is a .20 Beeman R9 Goldfinger, so I don't think I'd qualify as anti-airgun. I just happen to think there are .22 rimfires that'll do the job as well or better, and for less money. And they're a sight easier to shoot well than a springer.
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