Sad day..need some advice.

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When driving up to my housing by the pond, I noticed a starling. Angered me, it flew away I drove up. I lowered the housing and there was a ASY male head hanging out the entrance barely breathing. I raised the door to get him out, but he passed away right in front of me :( I am assuming the starling attacked him. Much to my surprise, there was a starling nest in the cavity, 2 doors down. Not anymore and the starling eggs are destroyed.

This cavity had a nest, nearly complete, no eggs. My question, do I remove the nest? Will the female use that cavity? This cavity, I can close the entrance and open up the entrance on the other side of the house, should I do that? I know my first priority is getting rid of the staring (trapping or shooting, that varmint is going to be history!!!!)

Also, we had heavy rains and some wind last night and my only bluebird house with a bluebird nest blew over. The eggs were lost, but parents survived. My other bluebird boxes have tree swallows and not sure if this bluebird pair will attempt to next in this box again this season. Bummer of a day!!!!
Boisy Pitre
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I'm certainly sorry to hear about this.

I've also been noticing starlings coming into the next yard. I didn't think they were around here, but they very well may be. And my friend gave me an idea. Get a 22 rifle and buy some "rat shot."

I have my window open and will be shooting starlings when they come back in the yard. And I'll shoot one for you too, and for your poor ASY male.
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Bob, if you only had 1 pair of martins, the female may stay or she may leave, its uncertain. I would leave the nest alone, the less you bother them when they first arrive, the more comfortable they become. After they have babies or eggs, then you can do nearly anything and they will stay.

Sorry about the storm.

My advice is to get some traps, and shoot the trash birds if you can. Its very difficult to start a martin colony once starlings or sparrows are using the house, they like to chase away the martins (and kill them)

Also, you badly need starling resistant entry holes, try to start using them

Boisy, I never ever killed anything with ratshot, hope that you can, it may scare them away, and make them more spooky, but doubt that it will work. Good luck with it
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I too am sorry for the loss. The starlings everywhere it seems are planning attacks. I watched one attack a female when she just exited her gourd. Thankfully her mate and others were present so they whupped up on the starling.

On a happy note the starling ran into a 20 gauge wall of lead justice a few minutes

I tried rat shot in a 22 rifle but it was ineffective over 15 yards. The 20 gauge will reach out and touch them at 70 yards. They can run now, but they can't hide.

Bob, I hope the female will find another mate and renest soon,

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Thanks Emil, it is an established site with starling resistant doors (not so starling resistant). I have had martins at this location for 8 years and first time a starling has done any damage. I currently have 4 pair and a couple single males at this site.

I am sure trapping would be better than shooting, as I am sure my aim is not that good.
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Sorry to hear that, Bob. :-( Trap, trap away. By the way, even if you shoot & miss, starlings seem to get the message better than HOSP (YMMV). After killing unknown numbers of starlings here at my place (and missing some), the main flocks now travel around my shooting range & racks. Every once in a while, one that didn't get the memo comes by, but he doesn't leave under his own power. :evil: But here at my site, this year, I've shot 8, pre-martin season, and trapped another 10 during nesting season. Pretty light compared to what I used to get. :wink:
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im with kathy, try and trap them, as a land owner, its tough, to see starlings, sparrows, take over a room,. ethical, im not in favor of disposing of them, but when it comes down to securing, maintaining, your colony, they cant out fly 1500 feet per what you must.
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I have absolutely no qualms in killing a sparrow or starling. I've seen firsthand too many times the harm they cause to the purple martin and bluebird populations.
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