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I am new to Purple Martin homes. I intend to put up a pole with gourds. I am including a photo of the pole I have been looking at. it is made by Bird Abodes, model #DGR. It is expensive but seemingly strong, easy to use and attractive. I only want to put up four gourds, so I need suggestions for gourds that will attract PM's.

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Purple Martin poles with gourds
Purple Martin poles with gourds
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Emil Pampell-Tx
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The pole looks fine to me. The pole is very important, it needs to be strong so it will not blow down in a storm. Raising and lowering the gourds with a rope makes having martins enjoyable. Only putting a few gourds on it is great for attracting martins. Many people put too many gourds on a weak pole, causing the pole to bend. You seem to have made some excellent choices....good luck
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That looks like a good setup to get. It is strong, can easily be raised and lowered. Supergourds, which is what is pictured, are good way to go, but be sure to get SREH equipped gourds to help keep starlings out. No one type of gourd will attract martins over another type, so don't get into that kind of hype. Buy quality to begin with and you won't find yourself double buying because you start with cheap inferior stuff. Not expensive if you buy quality first. Stay away from any type of telescoping pole, no matter who makes it. They are too hard to raise and lower, and again, you will end up rebuying.
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Troyer verticals or horizontals are another very good gourd to consider. Bo 11's are a nice gourd also.
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Looks like a fine pole. You say you are only going to put up 4 gourds but after the martins find your place that will never be enough! Looks like this pole can handle plenty more.
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Walt -- Welcome to the Forum. Pole looks great. Good system.. Nice area Have a good year. :lol:

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Patrick W. Dusek
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That pole will work, go with troyer verticals gourds! Later Patrick
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