Steve Kroenke Colony Hit With Tornado

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Bad, bad news. Glad to hear Bob and Steve are alright. Yes, knowing Steve, he is probably caring for his martins before himself.
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Louise Chambers
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Kathy, you are asking about Ursula Scott - she passed away last year and I don't know if her husband kept the site full size or reduced it, or how he fared in the storms. We should hear from Scott or others who are heading there later this morning.
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Thanks, Louise - now that you mention it, I seem to recall reading that last year.
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There was a super cell forming in North East Austin yesterday with tornado warnings about. I have never seen this in the Austin City area before. I hear they are ripping through out wierd places in the country right now. it crazy.
What a terrible tragedy to hear what has happened to Steve and Bill and all those sites.
My heart goes out to these guys. They are as "Pro" when it comes to Martins as it gets and I for one have benefitted from his vast knowledge in Martins.
I hope we hear from them soon. just terrible to hear.
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Sorry to hear the bad news, its one of a martin landlords worst nightmares. I'm glad that Steve and his family are alright, just wish we lived closer by, to pitch in and help out. If someone, maybe Louise, could set up a rebuild fund through PMCA or post Steve's address so we could send a donation direct to him, I'm sure he could use some help at a time like this.

We will be praying for Steve, Bob, and all the families touched by these storms. May God Bless you all, Kevin
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I've been thinking about Steve, Bob and their martins all morning and I had one comforting thought -

if there's anyone that can bring a flock of over 500 martins through this, it would be Steve. He has great strength and knowledge and I hope we can help him, as he has helped many of us throughout the years.
"Sometimes", said Pooh, "the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."
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Glad everyone is ok. Prayers and thoughts are with you in this difficult time.
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What a great group of people you are. Most know of Steve and Bob only through key strokes on a pc and look at how we are all affected by this tragedy. We are all joined by the interest in Purple Martins but this goes further, we are all concerned about our great friends’ health and safety first. The martins will be fine, they will return, they will proliferate, and Steve, Bob and others will prevail.
I am glad to hear you are well and we anxiously await your next report on the event.
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My prayers are with Steve also! This is so tragic.

I've been concerned because we are supposed to have very bad weather this evening and tomorrow! I may have to lower my rack and house.
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So sorry to hear of your lose . . . you and everyone in the area are in our thoughts and prayers. If we can help in any way, just post a note.

Ole' Paul
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My thoughts go out to Steve and everyone who encountered any loss as a consequence of this terrible weather.
Joe Zorn

I was hoping to hear that Steve's site is recovering and that the damage is not as bad as he feared. I wish I could make that trip up north to help him stand up whatever will stand and put as many nests as possible back together. Health wise - I would do him little good, and probably be in the way about 95% of the time.

Just the same, my thoughts are with him and those who are helping him do what can be done.

So happy to hear that he and family are not injured.
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how awful, i can't even imagine....sorry to hear it Steve, hope it all sorts out ok
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So sorry to hear of this!! The weather has been scary. Glad to hear
No one is hurt. We will pray for you and your family.
What can we do to help??
Kent Justus
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This is terrible news for certainly some of the best managed martins in the country and which provide hundreds if not thousands of fledglings to other colony sites. Steve and Bob, our thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope that those that are within driving distance to Steve and Bob will go and help to quickly restore their sites as nesting has just gotten underway. Please let me know if you are accepting any financial assistance and I will be happy to help. PMCA, I hope there is something that you can do as well to assist as they quickly rebuilt these sites. - Kent / Mt. Vernon, AR
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Steve, my heart pours out to you and Bob. I cannot imagine the work and sadness you encounter. I, too, would like to offer financial assistance. I talked to Adam Troyer midday and apprised them of the situation and believe they are prepared to help also.

Please let us know when and how we can help.
Friend in Texas, jb

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Steve & Bob, please know that Paul and I feel as badly as others when hearing about this report.

My reply has been delayed due to our own weather issues, but if there is anything we, as individuals or as a community, can do for you or your colony site, please let us know. Please just post, and ask...........or provide your address if donations are needed.

You are both in our thoughts............
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So sorry to hear of your tragic loss. Words cannot express your grief.
Glad that you, your family are OK. Having been through a tornado myself several years ago, it is NOT an experience one forgets.
Our prayers are with your, your family. May GOD be with you, your family, friends.
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Steve and Bob you and your families are in my thoughts and prayers. I imagine you have your work cut out for you.
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Steve and Bob,
I too want to express my sorrow for your losses at such a critical time for your colony. Please be aware that some homeowner insurance will cover the losses incurred with the bird housing and hope this is true in your case. I would certainly inform the adjuster of this loss. In our prayers.
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