Steve Kroenke Colony Hit With Tornado

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Scott D.- La
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I have just received some bad news from Steve. Apparently, a tornado has touched down in Logansport and has took out 18 of his 23 systems leaving his colony in ruin. His home has also been damaged however, Steve is okay and wanted me to pass this along to his Purple Martins friends on the forum. I only spoke with him briefly and do not know the damage Bob has suffered. As you can imagine, it will take time to survey the damage. Please keep these guy's in your thoughts. Hopefully, Steve will be able to post soon and give more details. Thanks.
Tim Stover
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thanks scott for the info steve has helped me alot hope everyone is ok
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Oh My Lord...

I knew it was going to happen. These storms have been relentless. I pray for Steve and his Purple Martins.

I've been praying for all of us and ours, too. Doesn't hurt to ask for help...

JJ Jones
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I just talked with Steve yesterday (late evening) around 9:00 pm. When did the tornado hit his area if you know? Anyway, if you have his cell, please forward it to me at :


JJ Jones
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That is a shame. First and foremost I hope Steve and Bob are alright.
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Oh no....glad to hear Steve is ok. OMG - he had so many martins in residence. I wonder if they left the gourds/houses before they came down? This is so awful. :cry:
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OH my gosh I can't believe it!!! :shock: :shock:
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Gosh I hate to hear this. But am glad everyone is ok. I hope the same for his martins. I was just sitting here tonight wondering if I should lower my rack tomorrow. We are at high risk for tornados all day tomorrow and tonight. I wish I could take it down bring it in the house with me. Then I get on here and see that a tornado has hit at steves. This weather has been so bad it has rained almost everyday here this month.I will keep him and his martins in my thoughts. I could not imagine this happening.
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I am so grateful that Steve is o.k....So sad....My heart hurts for him and his birds. We had horrible weather last night & I actually thought of Steve because he is south east of us (driving time: 1 1/2 hours). We were aware that was the direction the storm was moving. I can only hope that we hear from him soon!

With sincere regards to all, Tammy~
Chet & Tammy Winger
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Very sorry to hear that. Glad Steve is ok. God bless.
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Steve, Bob, and everyone else in the wake of these terrible storms, are in my prayers.

I can only imagine how sickened he is by the sight of his colonies. Steve, I am so sorry.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. Glad they are OK.
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Hang in there Steve, will be thinking of you and hope to hear from you soon. cs.
Doug Martin - PA
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This is not good.

I worry about this happening to large Martin colonies.

Our prayers are with Steve and his birds.
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Jeff Robinson
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Steve, Bob, families, and any other forum members affected, you're in our prayers! So glad to hear you're ok!

The Robinson Family
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Darryl Holden
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So sorry to hear about this Steve. I'm glad everyone is ok.
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I'm so sorry to read this. We've been really dry in my part of Kansas. The wheat is suffering. We are finally receiving a steady light rain starting this afternoon. We are 30 miles east of Greensburg KS and have a great appreciation for the power of a tornado. I too wish I could pack all of our animals into the cellar. Including the martins. Poor babies.
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Prayers for Steve in this calamity.

Hopefully we can help him rebuild.
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I can't imagine his pain. I pray Steve & Bob will be OK & the martins somehow managed to survive the storm.

Everytime we get a bad thunder storm I stand at the window & watch my houses & colony, small as it may be. In years past I've watched them get tumbled end over end in a bad storm, as they fight high winds to get back to the house. I always fear one or more will get tossed into a building.

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Barbara - DT
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My prayers go out to Steve his family, friends and birds.
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