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Jeremy Shuler
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I saw that in one part of south dakota they have found like 300 dead or dyeing starlings. The USDA fessed up to poisoning :lol: :twisted: :grin: them cuz they wer gettin over populated. Wish I could find some way to do that to the sparrows around here.
Jeremy Shuler
2009-housing up late 1 SY male for a month
2010-2 ASY pairs- fledged 9
2011- 5 ASY pairs building nests and 2 SY pairs several SY males
Donnie Hurdt MN
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Only 300? It would be nice if there were more 0's behind that 3 :wink: :twisted:
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2018 Tree Swallows AGAIN chased away any martins that wanted to nest :evil:
2019 Same old story................ :-(
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2014-present.. moved to Broussard LA. Same Gourd Rack but added a 6 room house (modified from a 12 room)

2020: after a long drought of nothing, 4 pairs and 4 nests, 23 eggs total (May2020)

We had some big mass killings in La a couple weeks ago. All starlings and red winged blackbirds. Thousands. We were driving down the road and saw what I thought was rubber from a blown tire, but as we got close it was thousands of dead blackbirds.

I read the poison is designed for those species, but maybe I misread.

Anyway, I did not see signs of dead Robins, or Mockingbirds, so maybe it is true.

Even as it is-- these killings don't seem to much anyway. They need to be in the millions don't they?

Someone needs to figure out a way to sterilize these suckas.
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Way too dangerous. Mass killing of anything on a chemical basis is bad. Remember DDT, the USDA said that was safe too. Here in Canada the RW blackbirds chase the hawks right along with the PM's. So by killing them the Hawks will need to hunt more PM's, and in the end both of them will suffer.
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