Trendsetter 18 System

Well-crafted with spacious cavities!

Price: $1,268.95
Member Price: $1,205.50

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1,268.95 non-member price with selected options

The aluminum Trendsetter comes fully assembled and is built to last with doors that slide out for easy access. Now with a 3" pole!

This square lightweight aluminum house features: 

  • eighteen spacious 6" x 11" compartments
  • insulated ceilings and insulated roof
  • wire mesh subfloors
  • 5" deep wrap-around porch (for extreme weather protection) with textured porch railings
  • porch dividers

Doors slide out for easy access.

heavy-duty 3" square aluminum pole
ground stake, brake winch, steel cable system
top perch

Installed height is 16'. Choose round or crescent entrances.

All Trendsetter houses are fully assembled.

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