S&S Controller Plans

Price: $13.95
Member Price: $13.26

The S & S Controller is an ingenious, repeating nest-box trap for House Sparrows and starlings that automatically resets itself after each capture.

It mimics a Purple Martin house with its multiple fake holes (making it irresistible to House Sparrows and starlings), but when placed correctly (i.e., right next to outbuildings and trees), it will not attract martins.

Trapped birds end up just four feet off the ground in an accessible, wire holding cage, alive and unharmed. No ladder is needed to set the trap or remove trapped birds.

The S & S Controller is available in kit form, or as detailed plans. This 17-page booklet features 32 photos, 12 illustrations, a materials list, a cutting list, and a complete set of plans for building the trap. Requires about 8-10 hours to build.