Quick Release Pole Guard for 4" x 6" Pole

Price: $91.95
Member Price: $87.36

Finally, a pole guard ingeniously designed to solve the site management problem of how to use a pole guard without it interfering with the lowering of the martin housing!

When placed too low, a guard is ineffective against predators.  When placed above the rope cleat/brake winch a guard is often mounted too high to conduct nest checks without a ladder, and the top plate has to be modified to allow for the rope/cable.

The Quick Release Guard, with its pre-drilled vinyl-edged rope/cable hole, can be repeatedly fastened and released completely from the pole in seconds. Made of aluminum, this 11½ diameter, 24½ long guard features a unique piano hinge and latch system.

Fits 4" x 6" wooden poles and also wooden poles built to T14 Plan specifications.

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